Gayarti Cargo Movers

Terms and Conditions

  1. If any body other than the owner of the goods take the dilivery, he will be liable to pay whatever claim the owner makes.
  2. In case of shortage of excess delivery should be taken from the agent with their due and remark in the delivery not to that effect.
  3. The goods are transported entirely at the owners risk, responsibility is taken for accident and fire.
  4. We are in no way responsible for the goods damaged by fire or water as long as its in our custody.
  5. Delivery is to be taken immediately . the owner is notified regarding arrival of goods, in case he fails, godown rent will be incure on his account.
  6. If the goods transported contain objectionable or Goverment contarcted material the risk and responsiblity will on the part of the Consignor.
  7. No reposnsibility is taken for leakage of goods.
  8. Consigee should take over the goods within 8 days otherwise warehouse charges will be taken as per rules.
  9. Id delivery is not taken within 6 months, Goods will be distroyed.
  10. Goods should be insured by party at owners risk.
  11. The delivery of the goods must be taken as within 8 days from the date of arrival at the destination railing which storage will be charged at the rate of 50p/kg. per Day.
  12. Unauthorized person of agents are not allowed to unload the goods of the consignment.

Head Office

Contact Person : Vinay Singh

Mobile Number : +91-9824495874

Email Address :

Address : Plot no 124/B, Manish Compound,
                 2nd phase, Behind Seema Weigh Bridge,
                 Vapi, Gujarat, India-396195